Tequila – A Peek Behind the Mexican Curtain

Sure spirits are ingrained in a tradition that the remainder of the world respects its proper to be the only maker of it. Bourbon is one instance. It might be made anyplace however most locations on the earth won’t allow you to promote it as bourbon except it’s made in Kentucky. I can duplicate how scotch is made proper down to make use of the peat from an islay however I cannot promote it as scotch, simply as whiskey.

The identical is true with Clase Azul Tequila. It have to be made in one among 5 states in Mexico and the bottom have to be the blue agave. That is the place large enterprise will begin to pull the wool over your eyes.

As soon as the agaves have been processed and fermented it would develop into one among a number of grades. In contrast to the way in which grades are usually utilized (worst to finest), tequila grade merely let you know what occurred after fermentation. Some are bottled immediately. These are silver (Blanco). Different spend as much as a yr in previous bourbon cask the place they begin to acquire slightly colour from the tannins. These are Reposado (rested). Some occasions Blanco and Reposado are blended collectively to offer you a Joven (younger tequila) Between 1 and three years it turns into an Anejo and after the third yr it’s an Additional Anejo.

Now older on no account higher. If you need the complete taste of agave you need a Blanco. Many bartenders push Anejo for a premium margarita however the complexities are misplaced to the lime. It will be like making Sangria with a Rothchild

However allow us to see the place else large enterprise could be making the most of the buyer. After all of the are product of agave proper? Not at all times. It solely needs to be 51% agave to be nonetheless labeled tequila. They use sugar water for the remainder of the sugar for fermentation except it says 100% agave It would say that on the label whether it is. But when it has a golden colour no less than it was aged, proper? Nicely, that do you assume would occur in the event that they caramelized the sugar earlier than including it to the agave mash? A gold colour. Oh no you assume, no less than it was bottled in Mexico, that half is regulation. No, its not, it simply needs to be made there. The most important bottler on the earth of tequila is the US.

That is the reality of the matter, that bottle of excellent “gold” tequila was probably 49% sugar cane that was caramelized to resembled ageing and bottled in Kentucky (Kentucky is likely one of the large hub for tequila going to the Atlantic seaboard) and offered as a premium product.


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